The osteopathy expert founder of the Probodyone method.

Fabrice Lefèvre osteopathy expert

is an internationally renowned expert in structural, visceral and craniosacral osteopathy. 

He is university graduate in posturology and ergonomics; he obtained two research masters:

  1. Exercise Physiology and Biomechanics of Human Movement, 
  2. Nutrition, specializing in cellular nutrition, micronutrition and chrononutrition.

successfully treating people with problems as overweight, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia and functional digestive disorders. 

He was also for many years rehabilitator in several medical fields: sports medicine, rheumatology, orthopedics, pediatrics, neurology and cardio-pulmonary. 

During his professional career he has accumulated a lot of clinical experience treating people of all ages, from the baby to the elderly, from a sedentary person to the professional athlete. 

Its areas of excellence are musculoskeletal injuries, back pain, tendinopathies, surgical sequelae, migraines, sprains, arthrosis and arthritis, cervical whiplash and dysfunctional pain syndrome of the temporomandibular joint (bruxism), etc. 


Fabrice Lefèvre osteopathy expert

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The set of multidisciplinary experiences and treatments have allowed Fabrice Lefèvre to have a global understanding to elaborate a method of functional diagnosis.

Based on the relation between the different systems: mechanical, neuro-cognitive-sensorial, metabolic, physical, mental and the relation of those systems with the environment. 

The osteopathy expert therapeutic or coaching response is based on the synergy of the different elements that make up the unity of the body (structure-function-mind-environment interaction). 

The goal is not to add to each other, but to enter into the body-mind system of the human being by the most needy and receptive way, and then, depending on the evolution, the evaluation and the requirements of each, other systems accordingly.

Probodyone a multidisciplinary, proactive method of understanding, analysis and treatment based on the unity of the body, whose parts are indivisible and interact with each other. 

From the functional “diagnosis” Probodyone, derived several concepts to address the different problems in a specific way and adapted to each professional field.

Fabrice Lefèvre ostepathy expert

His expertise as a consultant, coach and trainer in various areas of the medical, sports, artistic, business world.

Have allowed him to develop extensive local and international networking. Today, it is clear that users need guidance to be able to choose the best osteopath and the best treatments adapted to them. 

In this regard, Fabrice Lefèvre decided to create a powerful networking of proactive professionals, interested in sustainable health, the interaction between the body, the mind, the environment and, as an objective, professional performance at the service of the patient.



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Olga De Miguel López
Olga De Miguel López
May 2, 2022.
Llevaba cerca de 4 meses con dolores en la zona del hombro y manguito rotador, y tras visitarme en varios centros, decidí acudir al especialista Fabrice Lefevre. Es un gran profesional y nada más verme enseguida supo dar con el problema. En solo 3 sesiones me encuentro infinitamente mejor, han remitido mis dolores y espero pronto haberlo zanjado con éxito. Muchas gracias
Muntsatbel 73
Muntsatbel 73
April 20, 2022.
Excelente profesional. Me está devolviendo flexibilidad y bienestar a mi espalda.
Demelza Fuerte Torres
Demelza Fuerte Torres
April 12, 2022.
Fabrice ha sido mi salvación. Con una prótesis cervical, dos años de rehabilitación post-cirugia y con una lumbalgia con ciática que me tenía empotrada en una cama. Llegué coja, arrastrando la pierna y en una sesión salí andando, con menos dolor. En tres sesiones ni rastro de la ciática, y me está tratando las cervicales con muy buenos resultados. Ya le he pedido un bono familiar. Lo recomiendo 100%. Trato humano, muy buen profesional y mejor persona.
ezgi tiercelin
ezgi tiercelin
April 1, 2022.
Highly Recommended! I went to him for the problem with my neck and shoulder. I had some chronic pain and I didn’t know why. I went to physiotherapy two times in the past and I could never complete the sessions because I didn’t feel like it was helpful even after 4-5 session. But with Fabrice I had 3 sessions in 2 months and I already feel great! It’s also about the feeling of trust between patient and health care professionals. And you directly get that sense of trust with him. He has a holistic approach to deal with the problem and to understand the real source of the issue. He uses different technics to get the best results. I think he will be my life long osteopath as long as I stay in Barcelona :slightly_smiling_face: Thanks Fabrice!
Luc Rolland
Luc Rolland
March 29, 2022.
Très bon accueil très bon diagnostic et soins multiples
Mathilde Jonquais
Mathilde Jonquais
February 22, 2022.
Rien à dire je recommande fortement Fabrice qui a pu m'arranger même un samedi soir en urgence avec un dos complètement bloqué il a pu me remettre les vertèbres et le sacrum et également me détendre les muscles avec des techniques d'acupuncture depuis plus aucune douleur !! A l'avenir je sais qui retourner voir si j'ai des problèmes de dos et je le recommande à tout mon entourage Merci pour tout !!
February 22, 2022.
Mon premier jour de vacances à Barcelone a commencé avec un torticolis sévère. Malgré son emploi du temps chargé, Monsieur Lefèvre m’a trouvé un créneau dans la journée pour me soulager. C’est le meilleur ostéopathe que j’ai vu! Il est techniquement excellent et humainement exceptionnel. Je le recommande mille fois et regrette qu’il n’exerce pas à Paris.
Catalina Rojas
Catalina Rojas
February 1, 2022.
Todo el tiempo me sentía cansada, me dolía una rodilla, también la lumbar, tenía otros problemas como gastritis y agotamiento en un ojo, consideraba que era algo habitual, que hacía parte de mi día a día, había ido con algunos médicos que me recomendaban terapias que me proporcionaban un alivio momentáneo, no entendía porque, si me alimentaba bien, tenía hábitos saludables y seguía las recomendaciones dadas por los médicos. Entonces, fui donde Fabrice, El pudo dar un análisis más concreto y eficaz, detecto que mi problema venía de mi mandíbula y de mi pie plano, que en conjunto me traía otros problemas, empecé el tratamiento con él y logró solucionarlo con inmediatez, lo recomendaría 100% !! Ya que es un doctor que encuentra el problema de raíz y desde la primera consulta te puedes sentir mejor.
Arthur Jaccaz
Arthur Jaccaz
January 23, 2022.
Je recommande fortement, j'avais la machoire déplacé et il me la remis en place mais en plus ma liberé de mes tension musculaire et mes blocage au dos. C'est une personne très professionnel et très sympathique. Recomiendo muchusímo, tenia la mandibula desplazada y ha conseguido ha arreglarlo pero tambíen me ha aliviado de mis tensiones muscular y blocage de espalda. Es una persona muy profesional y muy simpatico.
Jorge Becerra
Jorge Becerra
January 16, 2022.
Amazing experience with a global top-notch Osteopathy Therapist Suffering from back pain for years and now with intensive pain over the last 8 months, and with direct experiences with several traumatologists, phisiopteraphists and osteopathy professionals in several countries over the last 10 years, we found in Fabrice a thougthful professional, providing deep medical knowledge, an holistic/systemic approach to deal with injuries, posture and body balance problems, in a distinctive way. In addition he projects a caring and likekable personal style that makes you feel understood, calmed and on a quick track to recovery... We have become fans of Fabrice... he offers a unique formula in this field!...

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