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Founder of the Probodyone method

Fabrice Lefèvre is an internationally renowned expert in structural, visceral and craniosacral osteopathy. He is university graduate in posturology and ergonomics; he obtained two research masters, one in Exercise Physiology and Biomechanics of Human Movement, and another in nutrition, specializing in cellular nutrition, micronutrition and chrononutrition, successfully treating people with problems of overweight, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia and functional digestive disorders. He was also for many years rehabilitator in several medical fields: sports medicine, rheumatology, orthopedics, pediatrics, neurology and cardio-pulmonary. During his professional career he has accumulated a lot of clinical experience treating people of all ages, from the baby to the elderly, from a sedentary person to the professional athlete. Its areas of excellence are musculoskeletal injuries, back pain, tendinopathies, surgical sequelae, migraines, sprains, arthrosis and arthritis, cervical whiplash and dysfunctional pain syndrome of the temporomandibular joint (bruxism), etc. He is also an expert in postural analysis and treatment of kyphosis, lordosis, dizziness, instability ... Lately, he has developed a particular interest in high-tech physiotherapy (radiofrequency INDIBA method, LPG Medical, shockwave, gaseous cryotherapy) allows spectacular results in the pathology of sciatica, cruralgia, cervical-brachial neuralgia and disc herniation.


Your query in Barcelona is in the heart of the city, in the Eixample area (Golden Triangle), at the beginning of the elegant Rambla de Catalunya, where you can find patients from all over Catalonia (Sitges, Tarragona, Gerona, Figueres, the Costa Brava, the Maresme ...), Spain, France and other countries like United States, Australia, Russia, England ...


His experience as a consultant, coach and trainer in various areas of the medical, sports, artistic, business world ... has allowed him to develop a wide local and international networking. Nowadays, it is evident that consumers need an orientation to be able to choose the best products and treatments adapted to them. In this aspect, Fabrice Lefèvre decided to create a powerful networking of proactive professionals, interested in sustainable health, the interaction between the body, the mind, the environment and, as an objective, professional performance at the service of the patient.

Fabrice Lefevre; osteopath; posturologist; nutritionist; Barcelona; Sitges; Tarragona; Gerona; Figueres; Costa Brava; Maresme;
Fabrice Lefèvre, osteopath and nutritionist, receive patients worldwide in his clinics in the center of Barcelona, Canet France and even in Colombia.

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The set of multidisciplinary experiences and treatments have allowed Fabrice Lefèvre to have a global understanding to elaborate a method of functional diagnosis based on the relation between the different systems: mechanical, neuro-cognitive-sensorial, metabolic, physical, mental and the relation of those systems with the environment. The therapeutic or coaching response is based on the synergy of the different elements that make up the unity of the body (structure-function-mind-environment interaction). The goal is not to add to each other, but to enter into the body-mind system of the human being by the most needy and receptive way, and then, depending on the evolution, the evaluation and the requirements of each, other systems accordingly.


Probodyone a multidisciplinary, proactive method of understanding, analysis and treatment based on the unity of the body, whose parts are indivisible and interact with each other. From the functional "diagnosis" Probodyone, derived several concepts to address the different problems in a specific way and adapted to each professional field ...







We propose holistic programs of sustainable health, aesthetic, cellular nutrition, healthy eating, sport and life style according to our Probodyone method and our aesthetic concept for female, Estetic Body Woman, and male Estetic Body Man.


Our objective is to offer holistic tourism trips, helping you to enjoy your stay enhancing your health, aesthetic and well-being.


Consult our holistic health tourism destinations in the world in which we develop our programs.



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